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Quick info on Thorim -

KargathNeutral, Jul 2, 09 5:36 AM.
We spent a good night learning a large amount about Thorim, and doing it the hard way. With only one priest in our raid group, we had to learn to handle the encounter with some limitations. Here are some of the key things we learned from our night of work:

For the arena:

- Mass dispel is more important than mind controlling the Warbringers. The shields that go up from the Evokers makes life very difficult for the tanks, and threat becomes an issue.

- Having a tank moving Champions out of the group and keeping a couple melee on the champions at all times was effective for us.

For the Tunnel:

- Impale seems to hit melee, before the acolyte is dead. Perhaps it has a cone effect? Either way, melee needs to be careful around Iron Ring Guards.

- For the first mini boss, the rune barrier is not avoidable. Melee need to be healed through it.

- After the miniboss dies, the tank should go straight to the top and engage the next miniboss, so no extra adds spawn.

For Thorim:

- Thorims lightning charge ability was hitting too many people. It is easily avoided, and very predictable.

- Chain Lightning is very dangerous. We should probably set up melee groups(A la Kel'Thuzad) so the melee do not run an extremely high risk of being killed very quickly. Tanks should be stacked on top of eachother. General spreading out will help minimize unnecessary deaths.

- As Thorims damage increases, tanks should be rotating cooldowns, aswell as healers rotating them on tanks. We should always have an armor buff on the current tank, and getting the buff up when a tank swap is going to occur soon.

- To increase damage, people need to spread out more effectively. The less people that have to move at once, the more overall damage we can produce.

Jewelcrafting Epic Cuts

arcannistjim, Jun 25, 09 1:49 PM.


arcannistjim, Jun 25, 09 2:00 AM.
Kephri posted in our forum the link to the DKP

Here it is.

KargathNeutral, Jun 17, 09 2:03 AM.
Thursday: Going to Hodir and Freya, then working on Thorim again. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that I will be able to make Thursdays raid, so someone will probably need to lead for those bosses in my place.

Sunday's Raid

arcannistjim, Jun 15, 09 5:17 PM.
We downed Freya on 25 man.  Working on Thorim.

We will changing things up a bit next week. We will be skipping the optional bosses, and focusing on progression bosses.

Raid attendance and performance seems to be perking up with the success were having co-raiding with Shadow Wrath. Just like to say good job to those who are picking their game up a bit.
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